the past, the present and the future - all 100% in one moment - Anushree Krementz

the past, the present and the future - all 100% in one moment

  • Size: 83 x 62 cm
  • Technique: paper, cds
  • Surface: wood


650.00 €

Description of the painting

This Painting is part of my Series Nostalgia.

Since always I’ve liked vintage things – already before that was in fashion again. It could be that the past looks always more beautiful in our memories, but for me it is like focusing on the great and beautiful things of the past while being in the here and now.

At the same time it is also o.k. to know that not everything is worth to be revived in the present time. It is possible that regarding the technological standard some things are old-fashioned, but to me their beauty and authenticity are also important, something I often miss in modern designs nowadays. I don’t know if people, who were already born in the time of digital music and mp3 feel the same, but for me it is like bringing small parts of my childhood and adolescence back to life and giving them a space to shine like the beautiful memories that they are…

The Cds I used are all originals from my own collection.

(The painting comes with a wooden mat black frame)

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