Sales Terms Conditions & Shipment

  • For the prices of each painting please contact me via the contact form in the contact page. I will be very happy to reply.
  • In the case that the artwork has to be shipped, the packing and shipping costs have to be paid by the buyer. The artist and the buyer will agree together on which shipping method and company and which packing will be used.
  • Once the way of packing and the shipping method is agreed on, the artist will pass on the relating costs to the buyer via email, telephone or other communication method. These costs will be added to the price of the painting.
  • The payment method will be agreed on previously through communication via email, telephone or other communication method before the shipping.
  • The payment is to be paid before the shipping.
  • Under no circumstances can artwork be bought through the donation button in the footer area of the website except the artist agreed to that specifically via email, telephone or other communication method beforehand.
  • The artist is not responsible for possible damage caused by the shipping company. She will send the buyer pictures of the artwork itself and its packing on the same day before the artwork is handed over to the shipping company.