Press Appearances

In this area of the web you can find media appearances of various exhibitions, which I’ve done until now. Right now I’ve organized them in image galleries. On top of the image you can see the name of the place and year the exhibition took place and underneath you can see the different media appearances (right now a lot of them are only in Spanish – an English and German article you can find for example in “Cartagena 2015”). If you see little arrows, you can click on them to see all all the media appearances of a certain exhibition. In order to be able to read it more easily, you can click on the image and the size of it will switch to full screen.

If you work for the media and you want more information or a dossier, just let me know through the contact form and I’m happy to send you a link to the ftp with more information.

Almería 2018

Carboneras 2017

Cartagena 2015

Cuevas 2015

Granada 2013

Mojácar 2013

Pintura Solidaria 2012

Águilas 2012

Villaricos 2012

Cuevas 2011

Vera 2011

Festival Manantial de Músicas 2010