Press release about my exhibition in the Gallery Alfareros in Almería

Cartel Exposición en Galería Alfareros Almeria - Anushree Krementz


From the 27th of February till the 15th of March, we will be able to see the retrospective of the last 10 years of the work of Anushree Krementz, a German artist living and working since 8 years in Mojácar. In this exhibition (“10 Años de mi Vida” – 10 years of my life), which will take place in the gallery Galería Alfareros, in the street Rambla Alfareros 21 , Anushree invites us on an artistic journey from her beginnings until today, showing her evolution through different styles during her career.

The work of the artist is based on a personal and unique perception of the world of sounds, music and spirituality. It is her own very personal way of understanding instruments, musical notation which she is representing with vivid colors and forms using techniques like oil, acrylic, collage and encaustic. A special mention deserves the last technique which is the brand mark of the artist and makes her special. It is a technique which consists in heating up wax, which has been mixed with pigments previously and then it is worked in melted form in order to get a brilliant effect, different and nearly unique which makes out of every artwork an unrepeatable unicum.

In the topics which the artist has chosen for her work you can observe how big of an impact the culture of flamenco has had on her, showing a deep understanding of the Andalusian roots through the profound emotions which this Patrimony of Humanity has provoked in her. In the exhibition we can for example contemplate her vision of the quejío (the flamenco lament) or the palmeo (the rhythmical clapping in a flamenco song), her tribute to Cameron’s famous song “como el agua” or the representation of more subtle elements like the fan in the flamenco dance.

Spirituality has been for her another source of inspiration over the years. It has had a big influence on her through the years of pilgrimage living in India, where she traveled through the subcontinent from north to south. There she soaked up this diverse and colorful culture and lived for a long time in an ashram. All these experiences lived can be observed in her original work about this subject.

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on the 27th of February at 8 p.m., where you can meet the artist. If you want to have a look already before the opening, you can find all of her work in her website

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