ocean of stillness - Anushree Krementz

ocean of stillness

  • Size: 30 x 35 cm
  • Technique: mixed media
  • Surface: wood


210.00 €

Description of the painting

This painting is part of my Series Inner & Outer Universes

In this series I try to show that what happens in our inner universe is also present in our outer universe, our world and our galaxy and vice versa. Our body for example has energy lines, which are used in therapies like acupuncture. In the same way there exists the concept of ley lines (energy lines) on the earth with its points of higher accumulation of energy like for example the pyramids in Egypt or Stonehenge…

Whenever we look up to a beautiful night’s sky recognizing this endless peace, all we are becoming aware of is the ocean of stillness which is already inside of ourselves beyond all the chatter of the mind…

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