Mein Teddy und ich gegen den Rest der Welt - Anushree Krementz

Mein Teddy und ich gegen den Rest der Welt

  • Translation: My Teddy and I against the rest of the world
  • Size: 20 x 29 cm
  • Technique: encaustic
  • Surface: paper


210.00 €

Description of the painting

In this painting I want to show the immense emotional bond which is created between a child and his/ her fabourite toy, in this case his / her Teddy bear, when they have to flee their home and end up in a refugee camp. One little thing like this can help them to maintain the emotional and physical strength to go on with their daily life even though the outer circumstances are really hard…

(The painting comes with a black passepartout of 30 x 40 cm and an aluminium frame with glass. Because of the difficulty of sending glass, if the painting is not picked up in my workshop, it is sold without the frame)

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