Anushree Krementz - Painter and Artist

Here you can find information about my work

What can I say about my work?

About my work I can say that it has been influenced by many experiences and people.

In the photo slideshow down here I try to put these events into some kind of order and try to analyze them for myself and for you as a visitor, who might be reading this. Places and experiences have an effect on us, not only on a personal level but also on how we behave and therefore how / what we create.

I suppose my spiritual experiences as well as my musical ones were the ones which gave shape to my art. I let you read on and add a few photos in order to illustrate what I am talking about.

Anushree Krementz Atelier

Here’s  a picture of me in my atelier (in my workspace)

  • In my childhood

    When I was six years old, I learned to play the piano for two years, I grew up in a house, where music and art were always present in the day to day life.

    A bit later from the age of ten till fourteen I learned how to play the violin, receiving a classical training, which I later on in my adolescence tried to use as a foundation for making music more oriented toward folk-rock. Like everything in the childhood and adolescence you can say that my experiences were more or less similar to nearly everybody else’s, mixed… But they have contributed  to my way of how I see music and we could say that they ‘ve laid the foundation of what nowadays is my art.

  • My professional formation 1999 -2001

    I decided to train in design and production of commercial window decoration. I had the luck to end up in an enterprise in Munich, which invested  a big quantity of material and human resources in its windows, in which they didn’t economize in their budget and let us “nearly” full creative liberty. During a period of time I enjoyed to create on an artistic level and to receive a stable salary… but in the long-term it started not to fulfill me to be especially in contact with the superficiality of modern society, to induce people to consumerism, to buy things, which they actually don’t need.

    During this period of time the desire arose in me to support people in reconnecting with their own infinite source,  to help them to look at themselves from the inside instead of from the outside.

  • From 2001

    In 2001 I decided to make a personal travel in the search of other things and so to speak took my backpack and went to India. There I studied different meditation techniques and Yoga and had my first contact with Reiki (healing through universal energy)

    From 2004

    This stage of my life I lived mainly in an ashram (“the ashram of Amma”) in India. Here I discovered the world of mantras and its healing power and understood the immensity and at the same time nothingness of silence. I learned that silence is the essence from which sound is born, like a painting arises from an empty canvas.

    During the same period of time I travelled a lot to the United States and Europe in order to train in energy healing, I studied this approach in-depth with its different techniques, some more useful and others less. I came across the Cranio-Sacral-Therapy (one of the branches inside of Ostheopathy) and studied it at the Upledger Institute in San Francisco and in Germany.

    Besides that is to mention that in this period of time I became witness of a strong experience, on the 26th of December 2004 the Tsunami hit the Indian cost where I lived. An event of that intensity makes you think of all the clichés but also about more profound things… I’ve attached some pictures of where it caught me.

  • From 2005

    During year I started to play the guitar and to sing. I sang mantras as well as some own songs, for friends in private as well as some small concerts. I also completed the training for leading singing groups oriented at personal development and meditation.

    This lead to also using my voice in my treatments instead of the typical CD of relaxation music, which is normally used in therapies. In the beginning I used common mantras which later on lead to own songs and improvisations alternating with silence depending on what I sensed was needed in each moment by the person I was treating.

  • From 2007 till 2008

    At that time I attended a kirtan workshop (kirtan is a meditation with singing mantras) with Jai Uttal in India.

    My mother being an artist (painter), I had experimented already with multiple techniques. But it was there in this workshop, in these days, where the idea finally arose, that without knowing had been ripening within me, there my urgent need to paint music and everything which is connected with it was born.

    To capture in my compositions that the whole universe is made of sounds. And that the space in which sound exists, is nothing else but silence. Silence like an empty canvas which allows colors to arise, the space in which they can shine and express themselves.

    Since then I try to capture in my work this concept, this connexion between the whole and the nothing in the same time.

    I try to show in my work my vision about sound, could be the tune of an instrument, the rhythm of a dance, the hidden sound or frequency behind an emotion… I want to represent the essence of a song or of the most basic and mundane sounds (thank you cicadas and crickets for your music).

    Or for example the coming and going of the sound of cars passing by my window at night… it’s easy (if you want) to hear the beauty in all sounds).

  • From 2009 until now

    Like I said in “about me” (also on this website), right now I am living in Mojácar, a white village on the coast of Almería (Andalusia). Here I’ve found the light which I needed in order to fill my heart and in order to paint. I can also add here that Andalusia is a place full of sounds, melodies and quejíos (flamenco lament) which are worth painting.

    Here I have developed my work till what you can see now on this website (I am making an effort to keep it up to date). I’ve dedicated in my house a place to my work which I call “my atelier” in which I can develop my art with all the benefits, which come with a place which is used exclusively for that. You are most welcome to visit me in my atelier if you pass by.

    On a professional level I have done a lot of exhibitions, individual ones as well as collective ones, and I am still facing the difficult task to find spaces where I can show my art to the public. So if you have a gallery or are managing a space, in which you scedule exhibitions, or if you like my art, don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be really happy to reply 🙂 I think that’s it for now.

    Thank you for reading till here, it´s a real pleasure to share this whole website with you!