My Inspirations

On this page about my inspirations you can find a few examples of people who have inspired me throughout my life. Who helped me to grow and understand the world and in this way were part of my process of developing the concept of my work.

I am full of gratitude towards these people for all they have done for me!

For sure there are many more persons and events which inspired me and to whom I would like to thank, but here I wanted to highlight these three down here.

Heidi Krementz

What can you say about the person who gave you life?

Amongst many other things for example that I admire her as a person and as an artist. I invite you to visit her website and have a look at her work.

Thank you so much for everything Mami!!


I spent some time in India. I lived during some time in her ashram. She’s a master who has taught me many things. Please visit her website with her enormous charity project, it is truly amazing what this woman has made possible in this world.

Jai Uttal

A great musician and in my opinion one of the best in his métier. I did a few workshops with him (the one in India touched me truels very deeply). Here you can watch a video from his you tube channel.

fatamorgana - Heidi Krementz

more videos

I have also put up a few videos which have inspired me or touched me deeply. I will continue to put up more videos with the time and maybe also some pictures in the future. So if you want you can come back to this page from time to time and have a look if there’s something new 🙂

This video has touched me deeply and I love the creativity and imagination with which they built these instruments.

Kilian Martin

It seems as if he’s dancing on his skateboard.

Hamton Williams

Dancing is also an important part of me.


To me that looks like a dream.