Acerca de mi - Anushree Krementz - Concierto

A picture of me in a music performance.

Anushree Krementz - Painter and Artist

Born in 1979 in Munich, I grew up in the small village Föching in Bavaria close to the Alps.

Who am I?

Since I always enjoyed being creative, after finishing High School I did an apprenticeship in comercial display designing from 1999 till 2001 in Munich. Even though I enjoyed being creative in my work since I had the luck to end up in a company, which invested lots of material and human resources in addition to a lot of time into their displays, I came especially in contact with the superficiality of modern society in this work.

Instead of promoting consumerism making people buy things, which they actually don’t need, soon more and more the desire arose in me to help them to reconnect with their own infinite essence.

  • The Year 2000

    In 2000 I started to work doing fire shows, which I kept on doing for many years. In general I like all the elements, but with fire I always had a special connection. The dance with this fascinating and at the same time dangerous element requires you to be hundred per cent in the moment, attentive, like meditating in movement.

    I always liked fire
    I always enjoyed dancing
    So why not meditate dancing with fire?

  • The Year 2001

    Since 2001 I lived several years in India, being influenced by its culture and its customs. There I developed a big part of how I see the world and understand life. Because of all the experiences lived there, the concept of my work started to crystalize; all this time had an immense influence on my life.

  • The Year 2005

    In 2005 I discovered music for myself and understood the nature of silence. That it is the essence from which sounds arises from, like a painting can arise from an empty canvas. Since then I tried to capture in my compositions this concept, this dual relationship, which exists between the everything and the nothingness at the same time.

  • The Year 2007

    Since 2007 I found my own style of painting after a few years of searching and experimenting with multiple materials and techniques. I want to open the eye of the person who is contemplating my work to the fact that all of the universe is made of sound. The space, in which the sound exists, is silence – like a white piece of paper, which gives space for colours to shine.

  • The Year 2008

    In 2008 I had my first exhibition with the gallery Böhner in the Kunstmesse Salzburg.

  • The Year 2009

    In 2009 I started my search for the light, which is necessary for painting and for living. After an intense journey through whole Andalusia I arrived in Mojácar and its region. Here the light conditions blend in with a large tradition of artists and an ideal environment for composition and development of art.

    Since then I have had the luck to be able to live and work in this wonderful place.

  • Until the present moment

    I have lived in Andalusia already for a few years and I love its light, its people, its sound… everything inspires me and it fills my heart with joy to be able to live every day in this place. I try to soak it all in and express it in my work. For example in the series flamenco you can see how I incorporated my new home into my art. There are also some other more subtle details, which are a bit more difficult to explain.

    In these years, which have passed, I‘ve had multiple exhibitions, some better than others, but I learned a lot from all of these experiences. Right now I keep on painting and exhibiting whenever I can, if you go to my blog you can be up to date with the latest news.